Wanderlust Wednesday: Peru

by Lindsay Thomasson May 07, 2014

Something about Peru that has captured my imagination as of late and has me dying to book a trip. I have heard it described as one of the last relatively accessible places where you can easily experience native cultures and traditions. Of course, visiting Machu Picchu, an ancient, intact Incan city that was not discovered until 1911 has been high on my bucket list for years.

But, perhaps what has me most excited about visiting Peru is the possibility of meeting with traditional Peruvian artisans. Peruvian textiles are recognized around the world for their quality and unique, colorful designs. Attending a Threads of Peru workshop sounds like the perfect way to learn about Peruvian textiles and support indigenous artisans at the same time.

And, of course Peru is the home of ceviche. Delicious, mouth-watering ceviche.


Many years ago when visiting Spain I happened to be in Valencia during the annual Las Fallas festival. It was hands-down one of the most amazing travel experiences of my life. I have since that trip made a point to try and visit cities during their annual festivals if at all possible. It can be tricky to plan but well worth it. The Festival of the Sun occurs in Cusco each year on June 24th, the southern hemisphere's winter solstice, and I'm definitely adding it to my Peruvian trip wish list.

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Lindsay Thomasson
Lindsay Thomasson


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