Wanderlust Organic Playmat - San Francisco

  • Our Wanderlust City Playmats are designed with the urban tot in mind and provide a stylish alternative for parents seeking a playmat they will love as much as their child. Wanderlust Playmats grows with your child - ideal for infants tummy time and older tots will enjoy driving their cars around on the roads, playing in the zoo with their animals, and identifying familiar sights in their favorite city.

    > USA Made! 100% designed and printed in San Francisco, CA
    > screen-printed with non-toxic, water-based inks onto a heavy-weight organic cotton & hemp canvas blend
    > designed to engage your child's imagination and encourage wanderlust

    Details & Care: Our playmats are durable! Machine wash cool, tumble dry low or hang dry to avoid wrinkles. No bleach or fabric softener. 39" x 58"
  • As a new parent living in a small apartment with very limited space it I was very choosey about what we brought into our home. I sought out kids products that were not only non-toxic, eco-friendly, and that my daughter would love, but also well-designed products. I found I was not alone, many friends complained that even in San Francisco, the design mecca, they had a hard time finding products that met these criteria.

    I found that some of the toys and books we enjoyed most with our young daughter were those that were about San Francisco - it was fun interact with the city we called home. Similarly, we travel frequently and as our daughter grew older we found that it was fun to give her age-appropraite tools to learn about the places where we were visiting. 

    The Wanderlust Playmats were born out of a desire to provide a well-designed playmat kids and parents would both love and to allow kids to interact with landmark cities. What has been fun is that we have found that the playmats have attracted a much wider audience than originally anticipated - we've even had young couples without kids have purchase them to as wall hangings. 

  • Wanderlust Playmats were the first product that I designed and sourced from start-to-finish. Whereas we are able to work with our expert weavers in creating our Turkish Towels and Blankets, I was on my own for the playmats. It was very important to me to identify a source for high-quality, eco-friendly fabric that was both heavy enough and large enough to make a substantial playmat. After conversations with textile aficionados and an extensive search I decided on a hemp-based canvas due to both its eco-friendly properties and its durability (the durability of hemp is nearly unparalleled which is why people have been making rope from hemp for centuries!).

    The next challenge was identifying an artist to draw the maps. My original vision for the playmats was that they would be pieces of interactive art for a child to play with. As each one is silkscreened by hand, they really are little pieces of artwork (each one is individually numbered!). Fortunately I am part of a creative co-working space in San Francisco and was able to reach out to the incredibly creative community there to identify a pool of artists to choose from. Ultimately, I decided to work with the incredibly talented local artists Megan Eckman and Jeffrey Opp. The design of the maps is an iterative process whereby I specify what color palette I want to work with for each city and which parts of the city and landmarks I want included. We usually go back and forth during the drawing process until the final product is complete.

    The silkscreening of the maps is done at a San Francisco-based silkscreen shop, one of the few in the country where large-format silkscreening is available. I feel so very fortunate to have such talented silkscreen artists so close as they have been a wealth of knowledge throughout the entire playmat design and printing process. Additional information and photos of the playmat design and printing process are available on our blog.


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