ABOUT Ella Lou

Founded in 2012 by Lindsay Thomasson, Ella Lou is an online boutique that was born out of a love for discovering new places, beautiful products, and learning about the people that make them. I seek out small producers who share our passions for good design, bold colors, and products with a story behind them. All Ella Lou products are hand-produced, in small batches. 

Many Ella Lou products are difficult to find elsewhere. I travel the world, scour local markets, meet with makers and artisans, and bring back only high quality products I would love to have in my home. I tell you the stories behind our products: about the people who make them and the places where they are made.

My objective is not only to bring you gorgeous, unique products you feel good about purchasing, but also to whet your appetite for travel. Moreover, I seek to do business in an ethical way. I not only follow responsible sourcing products, purchasing products from their makers and designing our own products made locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also give a portion of each purchase to philanthropy.



ARTISAN-MADE PRODUCTS: All Ella Lou items are hand-made, one piece at a time; in fact, many of them are unique, one-of-a-kind products and part of limited collections. We avoid mass-produced products and instead source products made using traditional, small-production techniques.

LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS: Ella Lou is committed to forming and sustaining relationships with our artisan suppliers, customers, and our communities. We actively pursue suppliers we believe meet our high quality standards and are practicing their trade in a responsible and sustainable way. We also invest in our own communities by working with other small, local businesses whenever possible.

GIVE BACK: We firmly believe in giving back by sharing our success. We regularly partner with local non-profits to give back to the community.



The great wide world has always interested me. I took my first international trip when I was 18, participating in an exchange program in Belgium. I was instantly hooked and while in university took every possible opportunity to travel the world. I met my French husband while on a post-graduation trip to Costa Rica. Following a stint in Paris, we returned to the US so that I could pursue my graduate studies in international affairs.

What ensued was an incredibly rewarding career in international development consulting during which I had the opportunity to work with some of the world's most well-regarded philanthropic donors and non-profit organizations. While visiting grant recipients, I became aware of the incredible products made by small producers, particularly in developing countries. I found myself drawn to the incredible textiles, the bright colors, the intricate craftsmanship. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how, where, and why each product was made. I would fill my suitcase with these treasures and enjoy telling the stories of each one as friends admired them in my home.

It is my honor at Ella Lou to bring you beautiful, well-made, hard to find, artisanal products from around the world and to share with you the stories of the people and places from which these products originate.