Shibori Linen Geometric Indigo Cocktail Napkins (Set of four)

  • As featured in October 2016's Bon Appetit Magazine. Handmade by our founder, Lindsay Thomasson, in Oakland, CA, these hemstitched linen cocktail napkins make a wonderful gift (for yourself or a friend). Set of four different but complimentary napkins.

    > set of four napkins made from a 100% linen
    > hand-dyed in Oakland, CA, no two sets are exactly the same
    > Ella Lou exclusive

    Details & Care: Machine wash cool with like colors, tumble dry low. No bleach or fabric softener. 6" x 6" square.
  • Natural indigo has been used to dye fabric for thousands of years; evidence exists that the ancient Egyptians used it to dye linen to wrap mummies.  Extracted from the indigo plant, natural indigo dying is time-consuming process which is why a vast majority of commercially produced products, including denim, are now dyed using synthetic indigo dyes. These napkins are each individually hand-dyed using a nine-step process. A resist-dying technique, inspired by Japanese shibori techniques, is used to prevent the indigo dye from penetrating the parts of the fabric that remain white. The result is a painterly pattern that we adore.

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